Case Study 3:
Lessons in Change - Delivering Integrated Children’s Services

Parents and Children Together (PACT) teams were at the forefront of implementing strategic change in the provision of integrated children’s services in Glasgow. Although these represented only a small part of the restructuring of Health and Social work services in Glasgow, it represented a transformational change in the delivery of children’s services.

It was evident from the outset that this process would be a major challenge set against the backdrop of major organisational restructuring of health and social work services in Glasgow to create Community Health and Care Partnerships across the city. During an 18 month period a total of 10 multidisciplinary teams were established across the city. These teams consisted of staff from Health and Social work services they were configured slightly differently and were operating in slightly different local operating environments; and they were handling case work that was individually tailored to family needs and circumstances. Therefore the work routines and communication processes were complex, diverse and possibly unpredictable. This meant that team members had to build effective communication and decision making networks and required skills in managing a complex range of relationships across organisational boundaries.

After initial diagnostic session teams identified their development needs, these were a mix of the following areas, depending on individual circumstances:

  • Team working
  • Adapting to different cultures / new ways of working
  • Managing case projects
  • Managing stakeholder relationships
  • Communication, influencing and interpersonal skills

We adopted a “team-centred” approach based on action learning, which meant working with each team to support the delivery of their performance objectives through a range of appropriate interventions to address real issues and problems as they arose. In this way the teams began to learn how best work together and to integrate their working practices to deliver successfully to children in their areas.

As a result of our work we were asked to develop a paper on the lessons learned about complex change that could be shared with managers involved in implementing complex change. A copy of this report entitled “Lessons in change” can be downloaded here.

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