Organisational culture is a complex
and elusive phenomenon.

It can present a major stumbling block to managers in pursuit of strategic goals, particularly when transformational change is required.

At present, there is a considerable amount of academic debate about whether it is possible to manage culture change, and if so, what kind of approach is likely to be effective. Our experience has shown that many change initiatives fail to have any real impact on deeply embedded attitudes, behaviours and routines, because change is treated as a logical process and interventions are mostly structural.

The Change Navigators work with clients to develop ways to integrate changes to both hard and soft organisational systems to support organisational culture change.
Our processes help develop an organisational capability to proactively respond to external change.
Research has shown that underlying the culture of every organisation are deeply held basic assumptions which have become implicit theories about human nature, human activities, human relationships and in general, the way the world works. These underlying assumptions greatly influence values and drive behaviour across the organisation; they can also work for or against any required strategic changes. For effective culture change to succeed, it must involve an understanding of and a challenge to, these underlying assumptions.

We offer an alternative, more holistic, approach that facilitates transformational change and results in a genuine shift in “the way we do things around here,” using practical management tools for understanding organisational culture and engaging people in the process of change.