Changing workplace practises and behaviours is not easy.

Change is often perceived as threatening and can be met with a great deal of resistance.

It requires people at all levels in the organisation to take a different perspective on their role and to learn to work in new and different ways and practise new work habits.

The Change Navigators assist organisations in providing effective support for people development. We work with our clients to design development approaches that match the needs of the organisation in practical and participative ways.

We have a range of programmes that are tailored to provide skill development and support for individuals in order to increase the success of organisational change strategies.

Helping people find their way through change and develop their skills in order to prosper by adopting behaviours that are more productive is a process requiring time and commitment from the individual and the organisation.

Frequently these behaviours are focussed on building an individual’s confidence and self-presentation through effective interpersonal skills and assertiveness.